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Online payday loans

Online Private payday loans

Online Private Personal Credits

Private equity online payday loans come from private lenders that cover the market sector that banks leave free. has more details

The requirements to access a bank loan are quite strict, so all those clients who are registered as delinquent in asnef or Rai or do not offer the guarantees that the bank considers essential will not be able to access a loan.

For this reason, online payday loans from Lite Lender Company are the option to consider if you find yourself in this situation.

Conditions to access our personal online credits

At Lite Lender Company we want to offer legal and legal guarantees to both the applicant and the lender that leaves the money. For this reason, all our applicants must meet two mandatory conditions.

Have a real estate property

This real estate property, which can be of any type and nature, will act as a guarantee and guarantee when requesting the loan. Lite Lender Company rates all properties independently to determine the maximum value that the applicant can request as credit. This amount will be approximately 30% of the appraised value. We need a simple note from the Land Registry that shows that you are the owner of that property.

Request more than $ 20,000

We do not open financing lines for amounts less than that figure. $ 20,000 is the value that allows us to defray the fixed costs associated with the study and opening of an online payday loan line, while we pay the different actors (lawyers, real estate specialists, financial consultants, notaries…) in charge of putting opening a line of credit.

This amount also allows us to offer a competitive interest rate for both the market and the money lender: all of our loans have an interest of between 9% and 12%.

Personalized online payday loans

Personalized online personal credits

Lite Lender Company has a much smaller infrastructure than a bank. This allows us to adapt much more to the personal and specific situation of each of our clients, leaving in their hands practically each and every one of the decisions regarding the return of their loan.

The applicant can choose the duration of his loan, the number of installments, the type of payment, the type of repayment and even access a grace period.

Safety and experience

Safety and experience

Since we started our online payday loan activity 6 years ago, we have never had to execute any guarantee due to default.

In addition, in order to offer legal security to both the applicant and the individual who lends the money, we sign all our loans and credits before the notary of the city of Spain that the applicant chooses.

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